I received an invitation to a baby sprinkle. Thankfully it is just a sprinkle because I am a little low on funds right now. The card was cute, I would show it but I don't want to give away people's personal information. The rhyme, I would call it a rhyme, was so cute. It went like this:

Baby smiles and giggles galore
_____ and _____ are having one more
Big Sister _____ has plenty to share
This is only a <em>sprinkle</em> to show that we care
Please join us to celebrate before Baby is due
They’ve got lots of pink, so think plenty of blue

I thought, wow, I never knew they were so creative. That was pretty cute. They were able to tell me that they needed something for little boys. I really don't get into those guess games at all. So this was nice. Just like the text, it reads nicer with the actual names. But it is personal, sweet, and gives you all of the information.

The more I thought about it the less I thought that it was from the hostess. She just isn't that type of person.

And before you get worried that she will read this, she doesn't know that I have a site. And thinks that facebook in the Internet. You can read it like this quote from Quartz: “It seemed that in their minds, the Internet did not exist; only Facebook.” And while they talk about people outside of the US, I can tell you, if the person wasn't really tech savvy, they think the same thing here.

Well, anyway, when I called to confirm that I would be dropping bye the party I dug a little bit around.

She insisted that she had written it. But in that sort of way that means, I know you know.

So I got busy and did a little digging. The closest I found the text was for a girl named Ashley's baby sprinkle. I don't generally dislike the woman but she does have a history of stealing credit. Which is why my interest was peaked. She also told me how trying the whole baby shower, this is a sprinkle mind you, is. I know for a fact that she has two other women helping her so it can't be that bad!

When I did the shower for my sister's first, I did it alone and more than 50 people showed up. That is five-zero!

That was the first and only time I ever volunteered to help.